Our products

Custom molding

HengDa Mould has a complete mold (plastic product) production machine tool, which can meet the production of molds with a product size of 10mmX10mm—600mmX800mm.

Fresh air system plastic

HengDa Mould Plastic has designed various shapes and specifications of ABS plastic air outlets for the air outlets of the central air conditioning fresh air system, and some aluminum alloy air outlets are also available.

Auto parts plastic

HengDa Mould Plastics produces automotive plastic parts, such as air filter parts, steering wheel parts, rearview mirrors, various buckles and fixing parts, and other automotive plastic parts.

Daily necessities plastic

HengDa Mould Plastics produces some plastics for daily necessities, such as plastic cups, plastic washbasins, plastic trolley boxes and other daily necessities plastics.

Electroplating, painting, high-gloss plastic

HengDa Mould Plastics has also produced various electroplating, painting and high-gloss plastics, which can meet the needs of different customers.

More plastic products

HengDa Mould Plastic can customize various types of molds and injection molded products.