Color mixing

If the surface of the injection molded part or the part where the flow direction of the melt changes, if there is obvious local color deviation, the phenomenon is called color mixing. There are many reasons for color mixing, such as uneven toner diffusion (poor compatibility) during the injection molding process, the barrel is not cleaned, the raw materials are mixed with nozzle materials of other colors, the ratio of return materials is unstable, and the melt plasticization is poor.
The specific reasons and improvement methods are as follows

Improve the plasticization condition and improve the plasticization quality

Grind toner or replace toner (color mixing head nozzle)

Increase material temperature, back pressure and screw speed

Thoroughly clean the melt barrel (use screw cleaner if necessary)

Repair or replace damaged screw/barrel or machine

Appropriately increase the amount of diffusion agent or replace the diffusion agent

Replace plastic or toner (you can add a proper amount of nozzle material)

Check/replace raw materials or nozzle materials

Clean the remaining glue outside the nozzle


In the process of forming transparent plastic parts of injection molded parts, if the material temperature is too low, the raw materials are not dried well, the melt is decomposed, the mold temperature is uneven, or the mold surface is not smooth, the transparency of the plastic parts may be insufficient.
Reasons and improvement methods ,As follows

Increase melt temperature and improve melt plasticization quality

Appropriately reduce the temperature of the melt to prevent decomposition of the melt

Fully dry the ingredients

Increase mold temperature or improve the uniformity of mold temperature

Polish the mold or use the mold with surface plating to improve the smoothness of the mold

Reduce mold temperature and speed up cooling (control crystallinity)

No release agent or cleaning water and stains in the mold