Screw injection molding machine

Injection molding is also called plastic injection molding. Its basic equipment is injection molding machine and injection mold. As shown in the figure, the injection molding principle of screw injection molding machine. The principle is to add granular or powdered plastic into the barrel of the injection machine. After being heated and melted, the screw of the injection machine pushes the molten plastic through the nozzle at the front of the barrel at high pressure and high speed, and quickly injects into the closed mold cavity, filling the cavity. Under pressure, the melt is cooled and solidified to maintain the shape given by the cavity, and then the mold is opened to take out the product.

The general process of injection molding machine production product design

  • 1 Set the plasticizing temperature of the plastic
  • 2 Set the temperature of the mold
  • 3 Set the injection point of the screw
  • 4 Set the screw speed
  • 5 Set the back pressure value
  • 6 Set the injection pressure value
  • 7 Set the initial holding pressure value
  • 8 Set the injection speed to the maximum value of the injection molding machine
  • 9 Set the holding time
  • 10 set enough cooling time
  • 11 set mold opening time
  • 12 Gradually increase the injection physique until the cavity volume is 95%
  • 13 Switch to automatic operation
  • 14 set mold opening time
  • 15 Set the demoulding stroke, starting position and speed
  • 16 Set the injection volume to 99% of the cavity solvent
  • 17 Gradually increase the holding pressure
  • 18 Get the shortest holding time
  • 19 get the shortest continuous cooldown